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All about Protection Services for VIPs and Executives

A bodyguard is the common term used to identify an individual whose primary responsibility is to provide protection to the people who belong in the upper class, such as VIPs. Corporate executives, celebrities, wealthy people, politicians, and high-ranking officials, and the other names for them includes personal protection specialist, executive protection agent and close protection officer. A close protection officer is basically, a type of a security guard, that may be a policeman, soldier, army and any government law enforcement officer, and mostly, their clients includes people who often have death threats and experiencing dangers with their and their family’s lives from the individuals who are bound to practice any forms of criminal offences, such as harassment, loss of confidential information, assault, theft, kidnapping and threat. Other roles and responsibilities of a close protection officer includes pre-searching any rooms or buildings where his or her clients tends to go or visit, planning any routes, searching vehicles, escorting their clients attentively on their daily activities, and researching the background of the people who are in contact with their clients. Most of the bodyguards have undergone various training, and the most common ones includes unarmed combat, firearm tactics, applying first-aid and tactical driving, while other bodyguards have undergone specific training in a specific tasks, and that includes crowd screening and control, searching for any explosives or bombs, searching for electronic surveillance devices and providing a protective escort.

There are basically a lot of various reasons why corporate executives, celebrities and VIPs tends to hire the services of the trained individuals who are working under a security and protection companies and agencies, and examples for those are the existence of individuals, specifically the criminals who were hired to do harm to them and their families, mobs, and the existence and the presence of disgruntled fans and employees who were discharged from work, terminated, lay-offed and fired from their job positions. The common clients of security and protection agencies and companies who offers protection services specifically for the VIPs, includes the people who are popularly recognized by the public as famous entertainers, famous celebrities, diplomats, athletes, news correspondents, corporate leaders, board of directors, and CEOs of large scale and successful business companies. Due to the fact that the crime rates all over the globe are increasing every year, a lot of security and protective agencies and companies were established and put up, especially to the people who needs such services, and each companies and agencies have their very own protection programs which includes security surveys, equipment coordination, advance team deployment and deployment of armed agents; and security plans and strategies which can help in reducing and deterring any threats towards their clients. The VIPs, celebrities, corporate executives and any other individuals who needs their services can look for the best agency in their local area or to the places where they are bound to go, through the use of the internet, or from the recommendation and word of mouth of colleagues, families and trusted friends.

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