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How To Sell Test Strips For Cash You probably have already encountered people or websites offering to buy your test trips for diabetes in exchange for cash. While this seems to be quite an awkward proposition considering that the same strips can actually be purchased in drug stores, there in fact is a rising trend of selling strips that people no longer will use so that they can get some cash in return rather than throwing them away. As a matter of fact, no single rule or law nowadays prevents or prohibits anyone from selling or buying test strips outside the bounds of the traditional drugstore or hospital. But then again, this doesn’t include selling already used strips. Now if you’re planning on selling your unused diabetic test strips, there’s no blaming you if you’re a bit concerned. But our guarantee is that it is completely allowable and legal to sell them. The reason why there’s really nothing to worry is because it’s an over-the-counter product, implying that you can easily purchase it yourself in drugstores without the need of a prescription. Anyhow, as any seller does, you will have to be extra careful and wary in terms of choosing who buys test strips. This means that you can’t just talk and make a deal with anyone online, especially if you don’t know them well. The one thing you need to avoid in selling strips to anyone out there is force a deal with someone you don’t really know and you end up sending your product without getting paid along the way. In order to ensure you’re not getting scammed, be sure you perform a double check of the company you’re about to deal with. Well, the safest pick is one that has a website, business name, and a verifiable address.
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It is even better if you can look for a buyer who can provide you with more proof of legitimacy, say a postage paid mailing label with a government permit number attached to it. Obtaining such permit number is no easy task, especially if a company does not have a lot to offer as a legitimate business.
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Lastly, you still might be dumbfounded as to why there are those interested in buying your unused test strips; and probably the best answer to that is because they will actually be also benefiting from it by selling it to those who need it, but this time, it will be for uninsured diabetes patients who cannot afford to purchase the crazy price tags of conventional test strips sold in drugstores. As such, it is never true that most buyers of test strips out there just want to make as much profit as they can since it mostly is about helping other people who are getting ripped off by drugstores and the manufacturers of the test strips they’re selling. So if you happen to have extra and unused diabetes test strips, sell them to help others who need it more.