Gearing Up for The Holidays

Halloween is over and Black Friday is just around the corner. It’s time for your ecommerce site to have its best game on. Still working on your holiday promotions? Make sure they offer real value to your customers. Free shipping is a must, it’s one of the top things shoppers look for when they are shopping online. If you offer coupon codes, make sure they are worth redeeming. Few shoppers will be impressed with a 5 or 10% off code.


If you’re dressing your site for the holidays, great! Just make sure the design is cohesive and pleasing to the eye without distracting from your products and content. Avoid animations or music, and if you must embed a video, make sure the autoplay default is set to OFF. Few things will send a shopper diving for the back button than a blaring video they can’t turn off. Remember, many of your customers will be shopping at work or late at night and can’t or aren’t interested in watching videos.  If your site has ads, it’s crucial to have as few as possible and make them as unobtrusive as possible. No pop ups, pop unders or ads that come flying out of the side bar, and again, no ads that play video or sound!

Speaking of ads, if you have any sort of block that keeps customers using an adblocker from accessing some or all of your site, remove it. Such things are very hostile and will drive users away. Adblockers are a fact of life, and they aren’t going away. The key is to create non-obtrusive, interesting and targeted ads, not force users to accept all ads or else.

If your site design passes inspection, take a look at your shopping cart. If you don’t have one yet, check out It should be easy to access and edit, and this is especially important, hold on to its contents for awhile. Online shoppers often fill their carts and get distracted, or decide to comparison shop at another site, look for promo codes or simply think it over. If they come back in a few hours or the next day and find their cart empty, the chances of them simply refilling it are slim. They may not even remember everything that was in it. Do them a favor and make sure your cart holds on to it’s contents for awhile. You’re sure to be rewarded with sales!