Guide on Screencasting with Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac

Many businesses now use videos as the main marketing method to promote their products. They usually hire people to create the screen cast videos but you can create it yourself in just a small amount of time. There is no need to set aside a lot of capitals to buy filming equipment to come up with a professional video for promoting your business. Spending just a few bucks on a screen capture software like Movavi Screen Capture Studio for Mac is all you need to create a professional marketing video.


Most people already have a desktop or laptop so they don’t have to spend anymore money except for the cost of the screen capture software. The interface of Movavi screen recording software for Mac is designed to be as simple as possible so that you can waste no time in recording the screencast. The size of the recording frame can be adjusted up to the full screen resolution of your monitor.

If you want to make a screencast at a certain resolution, make sure you type the number of the specific resolution manually into the fields below. Sometimes, it is hard to resize the recording frame to the exact resolution with your mouse cursor so it makes sense to just type in the resolution into the fields.

You are likely to want to do some talking in the video and you can do so by clicking the Microphone button to activate the microphone recording function. You can use any type of PC microphone to record the narration of your script on the video. It is able to recognize any microphone device supported by your Mac computer and the microphone model name will be shown in the drop down list. If you already recorded the narration, you can import it into the video editor to blend it into the video.

Screencast can also do well with just a background soundtrack. When adding a soundtrack, make sure you don’t use someone else soundtrack without permission. You can invent your own soundtrack and add it into the video to make it unique. When hit the REC button, the play button will change to a square recording button which means it is currently recording your screen. You can do whatever you want on the screen and it will record everything.

You don’t have to publish the videos that contain mistakes and let everyone see the error part. You can cut away parts of the video that you feel is unnecessary or contain mistakes that you don’t want to show others. People like to watch videos that are smooth and without error because they look more professional. Therefore, if you are trying to leave a good impression on the viewers, it is necessary to edit the video.

When you are done editing your video, you must not forget to click the export button and save it in a suitable format depending on your purpose for the video. If you are uploading the video online, you must save it in a compressed format like MP4 so that you don’t have to wait for so long for it to finish uploading on your account.