Marijuana Usually Used in the Form of Cigarettes

marijuana is usually used in the form of cigarettes or cigars. Can also be used with ” rolls” (empty cigarettes refilled with a mixture of tobacco and marijuana). This method is able to deliver the active ingredients and nicotine from the cigarette itself, followed by other hazardous chemicals. This cigarette tastes sharp and distinctive, usually smells sweet acidity. Another way that can be used is to mix it in food or tea. At higher concentrations formed resins called cannabis.

 According to the OLSON book we read about toxicity

THC as one of the main psychoactive substances in cannabis bind anandamide receptors in the brain, has the effect of stimulants, sedatives, or hallucinogens, depending on the dose and time after consumption. The expenditure of catecholamines (resulting in tachycardia) and inhibition of the sympathetic reflex (resulting in orthostatic hypotension) can be observed directly. The effect of THC when inhaled in cigarette smoking, into the lungs and carried blood to the brain. In the brain, if THC gets to a “place” called a cannabinoid receptor, it will eliminate some of the cellular reactions that should occur. Some areas of the brain have cannabinoid receptors. Increased density of cannabinoid receptors in the brain affects pleasure, memory, thinking, concentration, perspective and coordination of motion. In the end, people who used to use cannabis cigarettes will lose their intellectual ability.

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According to reports from NIDA, the temptation to quit from long-term marijuana addiction can lead to irritability, insomnia, decreased appetite, anxiety and addiction reappearance. These symptoms begin within about 1 day, peaking at 2-3 days and disappearing within 1 or 2 weeks after cessation of excessive marijuana consumption.

“The Angels of Marijuana”

Marijuana has potential active ingredients for painkillers, controlling nausea, increasing appetite, and reducing eye pressure. Drugs circulating in the market associated with cannabinoids include Marinol, Cesamet, and Sativex, the latter being mouth spray and approved in Canada and some countries in Europe as pain relievers associated with cancer and neuropathy in sclerosis.