Salad Dressings That Make Life Easier for the New Vegan

Young adulthood is a common time for people to become committed to certain ideals and lifestyles that reflect those ideals. Some individuals, for instance, quit eating meat when they reach their late teens or early 20s. Some quit eating any animal-based foods, such as cheese and eggs. It can be quite a challenge if they were raised in a family that didn’t pay much attention to food labels and simply served whatever tasted good. Hampton Creek new products, as well as their previously-issued convenience foods, can help when these new vegans find sandwich spread, salad dressing, and even ready-to-bake cookie dough that fit their parameters.

Many people have no idea how many processed food items contain dairy products and eggs, even if the percentage of those ingredients is low. They may realize that mayonnaise contains eggs, but they’ve never read salad dressing labels. Now, standing in the supermarket aisle, they become frustrated as they see that label after label lists milk, cream, cheese, and even anchovies. Do they have to give up their favorite salad dressings? They will need to stop eating the cheese-based products if they want to avoid dairy altogether, but there are alternatives to the creamy dressings that still offer great flavor and the right texture.

Ranch dressing, for example, traditionally includes ingredients such as buttermilk, sour cream, and egg yolk. Hampton Creek has created a Ranch dressing that doesn’t include any dairy or eggs. Thousand Island is another example of a salad topping that, in the conventional version, includes components like mayonnaise and egg. Since Hampton Creek has been able to develop an egg-free product that is very similar to authentic mayonnaise, it also has been able to develop a dressing very similar to Thousand Island. People who want to eat a completely vegan diet even avoid honey, since that sweet substance is made by bees. Even insects are part of the animal kingdom. Hampton Creek offers a Sweet Mustard salad dressing without honey, which is a typical ingredient in the more commercial versions. With these kinds of products available, the new vegan has an easier time taking steps toward this more compassionate lifestyle.