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How to Quit With Electronic Cigarettes Because of the rising awareness of the dangers of cigarette smoking, a lot of people are quitting smoking the tobacco. Many companies nowadays are also spending a lot of time and money in making products that would help tobacco smokers to stop the habit completely. Nicotine addicted people are turning to almost any kind of alternative available on the market, from nicotine patches to nicotine gums, just to eliminate the habit of tobacco smoking. The newest item in the market to help tobacco smokers to stop tobacco smoking is the electronic cigarette. Electronic cigarettes are similar to the traditional cigarette, from how you inhale through the cigarette to the smoke that comes out of you right after, but electronic cigarettes do not have tobacco content. Using nicotine vapors, electronic cigarette users inhale a smoke that looks similar to the smoke from tobacco cigarettes but actually, the smoke from electronic cigarettes do not contain any carcinogens and it is well known that carcinogens are very harmful not only to the smoker himself or herself put also to the people around him or her. Electronic cigarettes use a cartridge that will contain its liquid nicotin. Using a battery, a tiny bit of nicotine liquid is made into nicotine vapor which allows an electronic cigarette smoker to inhale it. Just a single inhale of nicotine vapor from an electronic cigarette is roughly to be equivalent to minutes of usage of nicotine gums and nicotine patches.
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Nicotine cartridges and liquid nicotine used for electronic cigarette smoking comes in various intensity. There are basically three levels of intensities to choose from when it comes to choosing which nicotine cartridge to use, and they are full intensity, half intensity and minimal intensity. Smokers who are trying to quit the habit then the variety of nicotine cartridge can be very helpful in taking on the withdrawal stage slowly until he or she has completely quit smoking.
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The most advantageous things about electronic cigarettes being an alternative for tobacco cigarettes is first of all, it greatly resembles the shape and the feel of inhaling smoke from a traditional tobacco cigarette and secondly, nicotine vapors tend to have quick effects compared to the older alternatives like nicotine patches and nicotine gums.