Tips For Designing A Successful Retail Store Layout

While big retail stores may have grand design teams that know all of the ins and outs to designing the perfect retail space layout, most smaller or new business owners have no idea what works and what doesn’t when it comes to creating a layout for a retail space. Creating the perfect retail interior design is essential for moving products off the shelves and having a successful business. Below are some great tips to take into consideration when trying to create an appealing retail store layout.

Stay Away From Dead Zones

In every retail store, there is what is considered to be the “decompression zone”. When customers first enter into a store, they naturally tend to turn to the right. Merchandise should be displayed with this in mind. Additionally, research has shown that when most customers first enter into a store, their minds shift psychologically. This means that most customers do not even see any of the products displayed within the first fifteen feet after first entering the store. Many professional retail designers, such as the ones found at, suggest adding “speed bumps” or attention-grabbing displays towards the entrance of your store to slow customers down.

Minimize Counters

It has been shown that too many counters in retail stores are not optimal. They are said to often separate the sales clerks or store owners from the customers. To make more sales, it is better to have more sales clerks wandering around the shop to help customers. It also makes the store look more busy which makes customers feel more at ease while they are shopping. Customers generally don’t like to feel like they are alone and being watched while shopping. When they feel they are blending in, they will typically make more purchases. If counters are a must in your retail space, try to keep their size minimal.

Overall, customers should feel at ease when shopping in your retail space. All successful stores have a little curb appeal and eye-popping displays on the inside. Spend a little extra time creating an inviting-looking entrance to entice shoppers inside. Product placement is also an important part to getting customer’s attention. Use window space to display some products to entice customers into the store as well. As an extra tip, do not add too many displays that are higher than eye-level. This can increase the likelihood of shoppers trying to steal merchandise.